The first commercial release from Templar Games! Episode Zero serves as a general introduction/tutorial for the larger Unto the Breach experience, giving players a taste of the story and characters, as well as various gameplay elements such as the combat system, classes, crafting, quests, random loot, and more.

Alex Girard is a member of the Montblanc city militia. While conducting a fairly routine daily patrol, his friend Conrad convinces him to go on a short adventure to find remnants of an ancient city that may or may not have even existed. This leads to the catalyst event that finally convinces him to follow after his other friend, Mileena, and leave home in search of something greater for himself.

All told, Episode Zero should take about 2-3 hours to complete. It utilizes scripts by the following authors: Yanfly, Yami, Vlue, Nicke, Fomar0513, Venka, Galv, Khas, and RPG Maker Source. All creative writing and original assets are copyright Templar Games.