Murder in the Rue Marche

The second completed project for Unto the Breach, Murder in the Rue Marche is a short mystery/adventure game, created both to help us familiarize ourselves with RPG Maker VX Ace, having recently switched to that version at the time, as well as to be an entry in the 2014 Indie Game Developers Contest, after the original planned entry proved to be too much work to complete in a single month.

As such, Murder was completed in approximately a week and a half. Although it uses the same maps as The Tournament, they had to be re-imported from scratch into VX Ace through a nigh-gratuitous amount of Photoshop work, and served as a rather intense introduction to the concept of parallax mapping.

Since it is a more straight-forward mystery/adventure game, it does not, in fact, have any RPG elements, including combat, experience, equipment, etc. It does, however, have a randomly selected culprit from a list of five suspects, so the game changes each time you play. It takes place the day before The Tournament, and further fleshes out the character of Sergeant Daniel.