Politics – Doramor
Doramor      The Diarchy of Doramor has perhaps the...


doramor     The Diarchy of Doramor has perhaps the most unusual origin of all the nations of Terranis. In the late second century, northern Orius was a largely lawless land, ruled by numerous barbarian tribes and demon lords squabbling for power. The survivors of the destroyed duchy of Velsan had been fighting a losing guerrilla war for nearly twenty years to reclaim their lands, but the foes arrayed against them seemed to be endless.

Into this desperate battle arrived Lucilia Doramor, a traveler from Saniel across the sea. Her origins seemed almost too fantastical to believe: she was the adopted daughter of the warrior Doramor, given to him by the angel Nephilis at age of 10, to be raised in the mortal realm and make her mark on history.

Regardless of whether or not the survivors believed her, she met with their leader, a knight named Tinamer, and the two agreed to work together. Their camp was almost immediately attacked, giving Lucilia a chance to demonstrate her skill and resolve. The result eliminated any doubt. Although she was only 18, she single-handedly reaped a toll of monsters greater than the rest of the survivors combined.

Between Lucilia’s martial skill and leadership, and Tinamer’s strategy and local knowledge, the survivors’ campaign saw unprecedented success. Within three months, they had secured dozens of victories, and were poised to march on the Lustlord Lucifon, the most powerful demon warlord in the region. Luring the monsters and their human allies into a trap, Lucilia battled Lucifon in personal combat.  This match was especially personal, as Lucifon was the same demon lord the warrior Doramor had defeated almost a decade prior to break the siege of Varennes.

The result this time proved no different, and Lucilia’s blessed sword banished the Lustlord once again. With the barbarians and monsters completely broken and scattered, the survivors began to rebuild. Within a year, a new city had been built, named for Lucilia’s adoptive father. Realizing how formidable of a pair they made, Lucilia and Tinamer were also soon wed, becoming the first diarchs of Doramor, ruling with equal power.

Since then, Doramor has always been a nation of vigor and indomitable spirit. It has also always been the most proactive at battling the Great Enemy. Though it is sometime accused of cultural and political imperialism, few complaints are ever made when Doramor’s armies arrive to support them during invasion, and those same armies are almost always willing to help other nations (unless they’re at war with them, of course).

Aside from its military might, Doramor maintains a strong economy through both agriculture and industry. Around ¼ to ⅓ of all Terranis’ food production comes from the fields of Doramor, and many of the industrial advances made in the last century have come from Doramor.

Although the notion of diarchs ruling as equals has generally worked out for Doramor, there have been instances in its history where the unity of the diarchs was less than perfect. The worst example of this would be the War of the Thrones, when King Galdrin and Queen Mei-Ling brought the country to outright civil war in AF 512.

The current diarchs are King Tinamer VIII, and Queen Ariel II. Their eldest daughter, Crown Princess Lucilia, is currently 24, and has already begun to live up to her namesake, as she is one of the most powerful mages to emerge in centuries.