Religions – Ascenionists
Ascenionism Ritual, custom, and tradition are perhaps the defining hallmarks of the Ascensionist religion. It is sometimes joked there is a saint for everything and every day is a feast day for something. Even so, the Church of the Ascension enjoys the largest body of followers on Terranis, despite being split across several denominations (the main differences between these denominations often being merely matters of conducting rituals, but sometimes more deep-seated doctrinal differences).  Continual tradition and ritual can be a massively beneficial element of stability in life, especially in turbulent times like those Terranis often faces, and this is no [...]
Dev Log #1
Our first dev log video! Today we'll be taking a look at Unto the Breach's random loot system. With the available items and possible affixes, Episode Zero has something like 700,000 possible items. The full version of Unto the Breach will expand that into the tens of millions of possible combinations. That's a lot of possibilities!
Great Enemy – Basilisk
Basilisk Other names: Horned Lizard, Serpent King, Stonemaker, Regulus. A lizard capable of great speed and possessing deadly venom. General Attributes: The basilisk is a fearsome reptilian creature that feeds primarily upon larger animals, such as cattle and humans. They often travel in small packs of 3-12, striking both during the day and night. Some of the other monster races will “tame” one or more basilisks and use them in much the same way humans might use hunting dogs when tracking a stag. One of the primary tactics a basilisk will use while closing with its victim is to spit [...]