Game News
Two Free Games!
Two earlier projects developed by Templar Games for past events are now available as free downloads from here! Unto the Breach: The Tournament was the first completed project, serving as a very early demonstration of our capabilities, and is a stand-alone side story featuring Mileena, one of Alex's best friends. Murder in the Rue Marche was a short adventure/mystery game created for the 2014 Independent Game Developer Contest, meant to be completed in under an hour. However, to add replayability, the culprit, and the evidence needed to convict them, changes each time a new game is started. Give them a [...]
Episode Zero is available!
We're pleased to announce that Unto the Breach - Episode Zero is now available! This prequel story takes place shortly before the main adventure of Unto the Breach, and introduces Alex and Conrad, two of the main characters, as well as gives players an opportunity to get familiar with many of the core gameplay elements of the game, including the combat system, classes, random loot, quests, and crafting!   You can check out the game's product page for more information and screenshots, as well as use the widget below to purchase it. We hope you enjoy!