Dev Blogs
Dev Log #3
The third dev log video takes a look at two of the big C's of the game: crafting and combat! As with the other dev logs, all details are subject to change. Case in point, Unto the Breach is transitioning to a CTB type battle system from Episode Zero's ATB type system.  
Dev Log #2
The second dev log video takes a look at a number of smaller gameplay features that enhance the overall experience of Episode Zero. An item popup window allows the player to quickly see acquired loot without interrupting the flow of gameplay. A gab windows allows for the same with character dialogue and tips for the player. Readable books further add to the immersion of the world. There's a couple other things in there as well!
Dev Log #1
Our first dev log video! Today we'll be taking a look at Unto the Breach's random loot system. With the available items and possible affixes, Episode Zero has something like 700,000 possible items. The full version of Unto the Breach will expand that into the tens of millions of possible combinations. That's a lot of possibilities!