Terranis History
This Day in History: Febras
1 Febras: Dawn's Day. A holiday mostly in Doramor, the day is marked with festivals that begin in the morning and continue into evening. Public galleries of ice sculptures are common, if the weather permits. The main event occurs in the morning, when the behavior of the native scurridai is observed, and their reactions to the weather are alleged to be an indicator of how much longer Winter will be. 2 Febras, AF 872: Birth of King Tinamer VII of Doramor. He would rule for almost 50 years before the strain of leading his nation during the Unity Wars would [...]
This Day in History: Janras
This day in history for the month of Janras... 1 Janras, 1 AF: This marks the beginning of the After Fall calendar, established by King Renoir du Saniel I after the Fall. Although the final battle was concluded several months prior, King Renoir elected to start the AF calendar at the start of the next local New Year, to minimize confusion. This also marked the end of the Sol Standard calendar which had been used by the Solar Alliance up until that point. 2 Janras, AF 47: Inspired by references in pre-Fall texts, Jorgen Sarlson of Saernis City develops the [...]