Politics / Religion
Politics – Doramor
Doramor      The Diarchy of Doramor has perhaps the most unusual origin of all the nations of Terranis. In the late second century, northern Orius was a largely lawless land, ruled by numerous barbarian tribes and demon lords squabbling for power. The survivors of the destroyed duchy of Velsan had been fighting a losing guerrilla war for nearly twenty years to reclaim their lands, but the foes arrayed against them seemed to be endless. Into this desperate battle arrived Lucilia Doramor, a traveler from Saniel across the sea. Her origins seemed almost too fantastical to believe: she was the adopted [...]
Religions – Ascenionists
Ascenionism Ritual, custom, and tradition are perhaps the defining hallmarks of the Ascensionist religion. It is sometimes joked there is a saint for everything and every day is a feast day for something. Even so, the Church of the Ascension enjoys the largest body of followers on Terranis, despite being split across several denominations (the main differences between these denominations often being merely matters of conducting rituals, but sometimes more deep-seated doctrinal differences).  Continual tradition and ritual can be a massively beneficial element of stability in life, especially in turbulent times like those Terranis often faces, and this is no [...]