Templarverse History
Ghosts of the Galaxy #2
Continuing to explore some of the mysteries of the universe, here's two more entries about some of the more unusual things discovered in space...   The Van Graff Rift Initially discovered by the SAS Constitution in 3514, the Rift was named for the science officer on duty that first noticed the subtle abnormalities in space near the vessel. From the outside, the rift appears to be a relatively normal patch of space in the void between solar systems, baring some unusual micro-fluctuations in gravity and radiation. Entering the rift, however, is nearly akin to stepping into another universe. The outermost [...]
Ghosts of the Galaxy #1
Though prior to the Judgment War, there were no confirmed encounters with sentient alien life, possible indicators of previously-existing sentient races have been found across known space. Numerous indigenous plant and animal races have been found on countless worlds, but none seemed to possess any truly sentient life. Below are listed some of the more well-known discoveries made over the history of the Solar Alliance that have been popularized as “proof” of previously-existing alien races.   The Oblivion Gulf This patch of space in the Perseus Arm was first discovered by remote observatories in 2816, and later formally explored in [...]